Full Mouth Rehabilitation

What Full Mouth Rehabilitation Can Do For You

You can feel happy, healthy and confident again, with the advanced dental solution known as full mouth rehabilitation. Tsawwassen General Dentist, Dr. Janet Roberts, offers decades of experience helping patients achieve and maintain ideal oral health and function.

Whether you’ve experienced an injury, chipped, broken or worn teeth, suffer from a TMJ disorder – or you want to reverse your smile’s appearance by years, Dr. Roberts can help. The latest cosmetic dentistry techniques include brilliant, lifelike porcelain restorations, implants, orthodontics, and comprehensive periodontal therapy to ensure a lifetime of sparkle and health.

Experience a Renewed Smile & Confidence

Feeling healthy and happy about yourself can actually change your life for the better. Self-confidence can open new doors for opportunity or relationships. Dr. Roberts has observed the positive change it can have on our patients – from more outgoing personalities, to getting back what they once had.

“Full mouth rehabilitation is one of the most rewarding services we do here… because it helps people who have had very broken down situations, and provides comfort and a feeling that they can control their mouth and their health again. They look good and feel good, and they know that their teeth are functionally healthy for a lifetime.” – Dr. Janet Roberts.

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